Blue Coral Samsung Galaxy S7 edge launched in India

The Blue Coral Galaxy S7 edge has made its way to yet another market. Samsung has announced the new color option in India today, with shipments set to commence on December 15. India was one of the very few countries where Samsung didn’t launch the Blue Coral Galaxy Note 7, so it is great to see the company isn’t doing the same for the blue S7 edge.

The Blue Coral S7 edge is priced at Rs. 50,900, which is also the price for the existing color variants. Interestingly, the silver S7 edge is no longer listed on Samsung’s official Indian website. The company had told us that spare parts for the silver version of the phone might not be easily available in India when we sent in one of our phones for repair after its screen broke, so it looks like the silver S7 edge is no longer available in the country.

The availability of the blue S7 edge comes at a very good time for Indian consumers then, and if you’re in two minds about whether the Galaxy S7 edge is worth purchasing here in late 2016, do check out our long-term review of the device.


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