Game Launcher 2.0 update brings new features and design

Samsung released a new update for Game Launcher last week and today the company has detailed what this update brings. It designed the app to provide a more user-friendly and fun gaming experience on its mobile devices. Game Launcher 2.0 brings a couple of new features as well as a new user interface.

Game Discovery is one of the new features in this app. It provides customized game recommendations based on the user’s gameplay history and preferences. The My Diary feature documents and analyzes gameplay records.

Samsung has also introduced a new and simplified user interface design with this update. The design makes use of a more opaque background so enhance icon and menu legibility. Non-game app foldering enables users to utilize Game Tools and Game Launcher features even in non-game applications by simply adding them to the Game Launcher folder.

The Game Launcher app is supported by the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S6 series, the Galaxy Note 5, the Galaxy A8 as well as the Galaxy C series. It’s available for download right now in more than 185 countries from Galaxy Apps. You can also download Game Launcher version 2.0 for free via our APK archive.




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This UI change follows the Grace UX, I believe the Game Launcher would be seamlessly integrated with Android 7 which if I’m not wrong, would carry the Grace UX to even the S6.

Allyn K C
Allyn K C

The app works great to collect all my games out of the way; but the opaque background used in the app chokes if you’re using Google’s “Wallpapers” app to automatically change the background each day. Not a huge issue; but it takes away from the otherwise smooth and clean experience that Samsung has been appearing to be trying to produce lately.


The new Nougat uses a blur effect like the game launcher too when you open a folder I saw.