[Update: Working now] Samsung Pay on Gear S3 not compatible with Google Pixel smartphones

Samsung’s latest smartwatch – the Gear S3 – comes with support for Samsung Pay straight out of the box. Samsung soon made a server-side update after the Gear S3 was released to enable Samsung Pay for all customers of the wearable device. That’s not even the best part. Samsung Pay on Gear S3 works when the device is paired to any Android device running Android 4.4 or higher so it doesn’t necessarily require a Samsung smartphone to function. You can use it with most major Android handsets except the Google Pixel devices.

Yesterday we shared a video which shows Samsung Pay on Gear S3 working with an LG V20. The video goes to show that it’s just as easy to use Samsung Pay on Gear S3 using a non-Samsung device than it is using a device by the company itself.

However, this functionality is not available to owners of the Google Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones. Someone reached out to the official Samsung Pay Twitter account and asked why he was getting an “Installation Failed. Try again” error when trying to install Samsung Pay on the Pixel XL. The official response was that Samsung Pay on Gear S3 “is not available with Pixel devices.”

It’s unclear why Samsung Pay on Gear S3 isn’t compatible with one of the hottest Android smartphones on the market right now but it may very well be in the future. “We’re constantly working to expand Samsung Pay to new devices – stay tuned!,” adds the official Samsung Pay Twitter account.

Update: Several readers have reached out to us and confirmed that they are now able to use Samsung Pay on Gear S3 with Google Pixel smartphones. Similar reports have also been spotted elsewhere on the internet.

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