Galaxy C7 goes up for pre-order in the US, but things aren’t quite as they seem

Following its release in China back in July, American retailer B&H Photo Video has listed the Galaxy C7 on its official website. Those interested in picking up the handset can pre-order a 64GB dual-SIM variant from the retailer’s online store for $459. What’s strange, however, is that there’s no mention of a release date on the firm’s website, so you could quite easily be waiting until next year for the device to arrive.

If you are considering purchasing a Galaxy C7 from B&H Photo Video, we’d advise against it at this precise moment in time, though, until more information about the specific unit is published. As it stands, the firm is currently offering an unidentified GSM model, which we presume has been imported from Hong Kong; meaning that there’s a good chance it won’t work with your carrier and could suffer with general connectivity issues.

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Why would a well-known reputable US retailer in business for more than 40 years sell a phone that won’t work to its customers?