Tizen for Internet of Things will reportedly be unveiled next year

Samsung has reportedly been working on Tizen for Internet of Things devices and it’s claimed that the company is going to unveil this OS for connected objects by early next year. The company has recently shifted the target market for Tizen somewhat by also baking it into its appliances while Samsung continues to make Tizen-powered handsets but they currently have a limited market.

“Samsung is developing Tizen for Internet of Things — not for smartphones — with an aim of developing it by the end of this year or early next year,” a source familiar with the matter tells The Korea Herald. If it’s completed by then the report claims that the OS will then be used in all Samsung smart appliances. Tizen only powers some big home appliances from Samsung like refrigerators right now but it’s said that Tizen for Internet of Things may also be used in small appliances like vacuum cleaners. Other Samsung products that are currently powered by Tizen include washing machines, smart TVs, and even a connected car solution.

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