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SingSpace brings social karaoke to the Gear VR next year

Harmonix, developer of the popular music titles Guitar Hero and Rock Band, has confirmed that it’s working on a new social karaoke experience for the Gear VR. This came as a surprise announcement since the company is already working on Rock Band VR and Harmonix Music VR, it hadn’t given any hints previously that it might be working on another VR experience for Samsung’s headset.

SingSpace is all about belting out your favorite tunes in an immersive digital karaoke parlor in front of a robot audience that reacts to your performance in real time. It uses Harmonix’s line-and-arrow system to judge your vocal performance. If you’re able to nail all the notes the robots will applaud you, if not, they will lose interest in your performance. Social is a big element of this game with up to four friends having the ability to gather in the VR environment to sing a song together. Harmonix hasn’t confirmed the number and nature of songs that will be available in this game’s library, only saying that it will feature “deep robust catalogue that contains all of the songs one would expect to see in any modern karaoke bar.”

SingSpace is going to be released for the Gear VR in Spring 2017.


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