Samsung delays resumption of Galaxy Note 7 sales in South Korea

Samsung suspended sales of the Galaxy Note 7 earlier this month when it confirmed the handset’s battery cell issue and said that it’s going to replace all existing units first. It is yet to officially restart sales. Samsung confirmed recently that it’s going to resume Galaxy Note 7 sales in its home market on September 28 but the company has now ended up delaying the resumption of sales. However, customers in South Korea will not be made to wait for too long.

The company has said that it has pushed back the relaunch of the Galaxy Note 7 in South Korea by three days to October 1 because it needs the extra time to complete the recall process. Samsung has said that so far only 200,000 recalled Note 7 units have been exchanged, this number represents half of all units sold in the country prior to the recall being announced. It believes that the recall rate may fall sharply if sales are resumed on September 28 and urges customers to turn in their handsets to get a safe Galaxy Note 7. They really should go through with the process because domestic carriers in the South Korea will no longer allow customers to exchange their Note 7s after October 1.

Samsung was also urged by the South Korean government to extend the refund deadline for customers who don’t wish to exchange their units and would like to get their money back. Samsung has agreed to the demands and extended the refund deadline as well. It’s also going to conduct some additional tests on the batteries in new Galaxy Note 7 units as requested by the country’s standards agency.

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