Themes Thursday: Here are this week’s three best themes

We’re back with this week’s Themes Thursday! If you don’t know already, we showcase some of the best themes released each week in the Theme Store by Samsung. We have three themes for you this week, and all of them are pretty well-designed compared to most themes that came out this week.

All the themes showcased here are paid, and there’s a pretty good chance that you might not be able to see them in some countries. The [Kendi] Meteor UI theme has Material UI-based icons and wallpaper design. The color combination in this theme is quite pleasing to the eye. The [V] Blueforest has floral elements with pastel shades, and the icons have a nice, rounded design. The Bluo UI theme has a dark UI with Material Design-based iconography.

Did you like any other theme released this week which isn’t mentioned here? Let us and other readers know about such themes in the comments section below.

[Kendi] Meteor UI | Paid
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [Kendi] Meteor UI

[V] Blueforest | Paid
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [V] Blueforest

Bluo UI | Paid
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Bluo UI

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