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2016 NBA Finals VR documentary is a great piece of exclusive content for the Gear VR

If you want to see the potential of virtual reality in sports I highly recommend that you watch the 2016 NBA Finals VR documentary which is available exclusively on the Samsung Gear VR headset. Titled Follow My Lead: The Story of the 2016 NBA Finals, the 25-minute documentary shows some of the best moments from Game 7 between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Cleveland was fighting for its first sports title in 52 years so the emotions were running high, experiencing it in VR is quite something as viewers will feel they’re courtside.

The documentary features great behind-the-scenes clips that tell the story of how the Cavaliers made a daring comeback to secure the title. The documentary features positional sound which just adds more depth to the entire immersive experience. The VR experience enables the viewer to see what they want to see and focus on what really matters to them. The documentary makes brilliant use of VR technology and even if you’re not an NBA fan, do check it out as it shows just what kind of experiences VR is capable of creating. Follow My Lead: The Story of the 2016 NBA Finals is available for free via the Oculus Store.

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