Samsung confirms pricing and release date for the Level Active Bluetooth headset

A few months ago some evidence surfaced which suggested that Samsung was getting ready to launch a new member of its Level headset family called the Level Active. The company today announced the release of the Level Active, it’s a Bluetooth-enabled headset that has been designed specially for exercise and outdoor activities. The headset was spotted on Samsung’s website just last week but no pricing or availability information was mentioned.

The Level Active headset has soft silicon earhooks as well as wingtips and in-ear tips to provide a comfortable fit. The earhooks wraps over the entire ear to keep the headset in place securely and the wingtips come in two different sizes to properly match the shape of the user’s ears.  The headset also happens to be splash resistant which enables users to keep them on during work outs without having to worry about damaging them with sweat. It features an ultra-thin P2i nano-coating which covers the inside of the headset to protect it and gives users peace of mind when they have the headset on during outdoor activities.

The Samsung Level companion app can be used to manage notifications, those who want to exercise with minimal interruptions can choose to limit notifications after which they will only be alerted for incoming calls and alarms. Users can also turn on the Active Key function and select whether they want to connect the Clock, Timer or S Health app to the Level Active. If users choose S Health they can then decide to record workout information for running, walking, cycling or hiking. The Active Key is located on the right headphone and when pressed for a second it will play back the selected exercise results, including time and distance, using sound alerts.

Samsung Level Active is available in the United States today which it will be available in Europe, countries such as Russia, China, Turkey, Korea and others will also get it in the near future. Customers in the United States can purchase them from Samsung’s online store for $99. Their order will be shipped within 1-3 business days.

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