Galaxy Note 7 drop test video captures a predictable result

Unboxing videos are among the most watched videos on YouTube as people tend to check them out before they decide to purchase a new device. Drop test videos are also very popular for smartphones as potential customers want to know how the handset holds up against drops which are inevitable with daily usage. Unboxing and drop test videos of the Galaxy Note 7 have now started appearing online and the result is quite predictable.

In this Galaxy Note 7 drop test video we can see the phone being dropped once on its back, on its side and once on its front. Bear in mind that this is the first smartphone to feature Gorilla Glass 5 which is tougher than its previous iteration. The glass on the back cracks a little around the edges in the first drop while the metal band gets scruffed up when the handset is dropped on its side. What many of you will be interested in finding out is whether or not it survived the drop face down, it did, there were only minor scruffs but the display remained intact and functional. So, there you have it, the Galaxy Note 7 should survive if you drop it from a reasonable height on a flat surface.

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