Galaxy S6 edge gets August security update, includes patch for ‘critical security vulnerability’

Samsung is pushing out an update to the Galaxy S6 edge to get the device on the security patches from the month of July. The changelog mentions a “patch for a critical security vulnerability”, although it’s not clear if this for the recently discovered QuadRooter vulnerability. It probably isn’t, as that exploit can only work when someone manually installs apps on their phones and Google has said that Android’s inbuilt “Verify Apps” feature can already block apps that contain QuadRooter code.

The update also brings improvements to performance with “efficient memory management” (something we have seen on previous changelogs as well), optimization to the closing of unused applications, and enhanced stability. The firmware version is G925IDVS3EPH2 and the update comes as a 63 MB download; it has gone live in India and will probably be released in other regions soon and for the regular Galaxy S6. That critical security patch might be exclusive to the S6 edge, however, so it remains to be seen if it is something that affects other recent Samsung devices.


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10 months 11 days ago

Okay firstly, I tipped you guys that the Note5 got this 2 days ago. Obviously you guys don’t check your mail. Second, how does the QuadRooter affect Exynos chips?

10 months 11 days ago

That’s nice to see that they still care about last year’s flagship and further improve the performance of it.

10 months 11 days ago

Seems like more so then this years flagship as the S7 edge doesn’t have the august security patch.

10 months 12 days ago

no update for S6 Edge SM-G925I in singapore, still stuck at march patch. ZZZ

10 months 12 days ago

Got it yesterday (G925F). Update is about 39mb.

10 months 12 days ago

What about the s7 and S7 edge?

10 months 12 days ago

Downloading now

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