Samsung Rewards program gives you free money for using Samsung Pay

Samsung today released an update for Samsung Pay which adds support for the rumored Samsung Rewards program. The update is part of Samsung’s continuous push to provide more value to users who have chosen its mobile payment service to make payments on the go. Samsung Pay now supports Samsung Reward cards, basically, these cards will be an incentive for people who use the company’s mobile payments service to continue using it. With this latest update Samsung Pay can also send users location-based offers from participating merchants.

Samsung Pay’s ease of use has played a major part in quickly transforming it into one of the most widely used and accepted mobile payment services available now. Samsung regularly pushes the service by offering promotions and deals. The company has also been rapidly rolling out Samsung Pay in additional markets across the globe to get the first-mover advantage. Users will find Samsung Reward cards being automatically added to their Samsung Pay account after participating in qualifying competitions. The cards will have a set dollar value which is as good as real money because users will be able to use the card balance to pay for purchases at any merchant where both Visa debit and Samsung Pay is accepted. One participating promotion is already live and is offering users a $20 Rewards card.

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still waiting on Portugal for this,we should have S7 more cheap then some country’s ,because most of the functions we cant use…