Samsung Pay to launch in Brazil on July 19

It has been revealed today that Samsung will launch its mobile payment platform in Brazil on Tuesday, July 19; just in time for the Olympic Games that kick off on Friday, August 5. This news comes one month after the manufacturer commenced a pre-launch trial of Samsung Pay in the region, and a mere two days after the service went live in Puerto Rico.

“Samsung Pay reinforces the company’s focus to bring value to both consumers and partners by bringing innovative services to your smartphones,” said Thomas Ko, Vice President of Samsung Pay in a statement. “We are always exploring creative technologies and use cases to provide consumers with an immersive and holistic mobile wallet experience.”

Unfortunately, it’s currently unclear what banks will support the service when it launches. However, we suspect that the top three — Banco do Brasil, Itau, and Caixa Economica Federa — are likely on board. Those traveling to Brazil from a country that already has compatibility for Samsung Pay will also be able to use their registered credit/debit cards to make payments.


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Unfortunately the S6 will not be compatible. The banks and that were listed on the samsung website for beta users: BANCO DO BRASIL: – Ourocard Visa Platinum Estilo – Ourocard Visa Infinite – Ourocard Visa Infinite Estilo BRASIL PRE-PAGOS: – Brasil Você Internacional CAIXA ECONÔMICA FEDERAL: – Cartão de Débito CAIXA MasterCard PORTO SEGURO: – Visa International – Visa Gold – Visa Platinum – Visa Infinite SANTANDER: – Santander Van Gogh Style Platinum Mastercard (Múltiplo) – Santander Van Gogh Elite Platinum Mastercard (Múltiplo) – Santander Select Elite Platinum Mastercard (Múltiplo) – Santander Select Unique Black Mastercard (Múltiplo) – Santander Unlimited… Read more »


Samsung Pay will work in the S6 and S6 edge devices in Brazil only via NFC.