Samsung releases Galaxy S7 edge Olympic Games Edition unboxing video

Samsung made the Galaxy S7 edge Olympic Games Edition official last week and announced that it will only be selling a limited number of this exclusive handset in select markets starting July 18th. Samsung has announced today that the Galaxy S7 edge Olympic Games Edition is now available for purchase in Brazil, China, Germany, South Korea and the United States. Samsung has made exactly 2,016 phones available in each market. Pricing varies, we do know how much this handset costs in South Korea.

All of the changes that Samsung has made to this limited edition smartphone are cosmetic in nature. The Galaxy S7 edge Olympic Games Edition has a custom-made colorway pattern, color accents on the power, home, volume buttons as well as the rear camera. Exclusive wallpapers and themes are included too. Samsung has also created a 3D Flag application which is pre-loaded on the device. The app enables users to select the nation of their choice so that their country’s flag can automatically be displayed on the handset’s display. The company has also posted an unboxing video of the Galaxy S7 edge Olympic Games Edition. We can see that the handset is packaged in a practical pouch type carrier which can be used for a variety of purposes and it doubles as a memorable souvenir of Rio 2016.


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It has a very neon design, looks great.


WooooooooooooooooW Amazing design