Samsung details the entire contents of its Gear S2 ‘Value Pack’ update

Samsung started pushing out its third major firmware update for the Gear S2 on Friday, July 15. By this date, we’d already brought you an exclusive report on its changes, together with an early preview showcasing some of the new functionality. However, the entire contents of the upgrade remained unknown. Even when it started arriving on our devices, we were still discovering features that the manufacturer had failed to shine a light on in the changelog, so to help clear up the confusion, Samsung has published a post over on its Newsroom detailing the entire contents of the ‘Value Pack’ OTA.

The most notable alteration that the Value Pack update brings to the Gear S2 is the facility to peruse the Gear Apps Store and download watch faces from the unit itself. This is not only more convenient than the previous process, but is also significantly faster as you no longer have to pull out your smartphone, navigate into Gear Manager, manually search through the marketplace, download a face that tickles your fancy, then sideload it to your watch. Instead, it’s a direct download onto the unit’s integrated storage, which takes roughly a few seconds to complete.

Samsung has also made a flurry of changes to the Gear S2’s default applications to provide more information at a faster rate. Here are just a few of the improvements it’s made, which it specified over on its blog: “The Schedule app now adds a green dot below date with events scheduled, to make identifying appointments easier. The Weather app now includes a UV Index to help people keep safer from the most intense sunshine. And the World Clock features several updates, such as sunrise and sunset, time difference between other locations the local time, and a different look for the daytime versus the nighttime in the list view.”

Hit the source link below to read the full post over on Samsung’s website.

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