MSC Cruises teams up with Samsung to create plans for a ‘next-generation smart ship’

MSC Cruises has today announced that it has teamed up with Samsung to develop plans for a “next-generation smart ship.” The MSC Seaview will feature the same traditional exterior appearance as a cruise liner, but its interior will be decked out with a whole host of NFC-dependent technology that has been designed to improve the holiday experience for guests.

When boarding, guests will be awarded a unique identification number, which can be stored on either an NFC-enabled card, bracelet or smartphone, then while navigating around the ship they will be able to: geo-locate themselves or their children, access their cabin without the need to carry an additional keycard and make payments while on-board.

It has also been revealed that hundreds of beacons will be strategically placed in key areas of the ship. They will send customized, location-based notifications to guests smartphones as they stroll the decks. These alerts will not only consist of important information, such as event timings for the day, but unmissable deals available in on-board stores, too.

That’s all the information MSC Cruises has provided on the MSC Seaview now, other than that it is due to take service starting June 2018. However, we have a sneaky suspicion that we’ll be hearing a lot more about the ship over the course of the next two years.


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