Samsung shows off its curved monitors at EA Play

Samsung has been making its presence felt in gaming circles this week. It was present at the E3 2016 convention to show off its mobile gaming and virtual reality efforts. The E3 convention is not open to the public so to bring fans into the action Electronic Arts has conducted its own convention, and Samsung made sure to put in an appearance by showcasing its curved gaming monitors.

The inaugural EA Play convention enabled fans to preview its latest games and interact with members of the industry. EA Games demonstrated its latest titles including Titanfall 2 and FIFA 17 on Samsung’s CF591 curved gaming monitor. The enhanced presentation was enjoyed by both gamers and developers who liked the gaming experience that curved monitors offer. Samsung’s monitors were also installed in demo stations so fans could get a good idea of how curved monitors are well suited to gaming. Samsung’s CF591, CF391, and CF390 curved gaming monitors have support for AMD FreeSync Technology Over HDMI for synchronizing screen refresh rates with AMD graphics card frame rates to reduce stutter, input latency, and lag.

A promotion has also been launched for customers who pick up Samsung’s curved monitor, they will get one EA game for free, choices include Battlefield 4, Battlefield Hardline, Need for Speed, and FIFA 16.


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