Samsung comes up with an innovative way to get teens to do their laundry

Parents of teenagers will attest to the fact that it’s quite difficult to get your teens to do their chores. You often need to give them some sort of an incentive to give up whatever it is they’re doing and help out around the house. Samsung has come up with a very innovative way to get teens to do their laundry. It has set up a LANdry in Sweden where people get gaming credits for doing their laundry. As someone who did a lot of LAN gaming in my teens, I’m pretty sure I would have never left the LANdry.

The LANdry experiment basically puts a LAN gaming zone inside a laundromat, which predictably features Samsung AddWash washing machines and the Galaxy S7 that shows people how much time they’ve left until the wash and their gaming session are done. Trading dirty laundry for gaming time seems like the best way to get teens to do this chore and it also conveniently helps Samsung attract the attention of millennials, something that its marketing department is striving to do. It’s unclear if this experiment will be expanded to other markets but it goes without saying that are many parents who will welcome a Samsung LANdry in their neighborhood.

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