Samsung plans to focus on a bunch of little things to push the ‘Next Big Thing’

Samsung’s marketing strategy revolved around the ‘Next Big Thing‘ for a few years now, but the company plans to change that to maintain its leading position in the slowing smartphone market. Marc Mathieu, chief marketing officer for Samsung’s North American operations, says that the company plans to focus on a bunch of little things.

The company’s new marketing campaign focuses on four “collections:” Go, Explore, Create and Move, that people do every day. ‘Go’ revolves around devices like the Gear S2 and features such as Samsung Pay, while ‘Explore’ highlights how devices like the Gear VR and Gear 360 work in tandem with the Galaxy S7. The company released two new products, the Gear Fit 2 and the Gear Icon X, last week as a part of its ‘Move’ strategy.

It’s recognizing the phone is in the center of an ecosystem of other products and services and even experiences powered by the phone. To market the totality of our ecosystem, we needed to cut it into pieces that make sense to consumers,” Mathieu said in an interview at Samsung’s Gear Fit 2 launch.

It is important for Samsung to keep the sales momentum going by not just selling smartphones and tablets but to influence consumers to buy other stuff such as fitness trackers, smartwatches, and 360-degree cameras. The company is also running promotional offers and bundles, and it will continue to do so throughout the year. The whole idea is to show how the company’s phone becomes more than just a phone when paired with these new devices.

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