Samsung shares all the juicy secrets surrounding the development of its Charm fitness tracker


Last updated: May 27th, 2016 at 09:57 UTC+02:00

Three months ago, Samsung took the wraps off its Charm wearable fitness tracker, which it claimed had been designed from the ground up to look like a fashionable bracelet as opposed to a smartwatch. To achieve this appearance, the firm opted for small LED panel to alert users of notifications instead of a fully-fledged LCD display. It also decided to push all basic fitness data directly to the S Health application on a paired smartphone via Bluetooth as opposed to displaying the raw statistics on the unit itself.

When Samsung was developing Charm, it intended to create a “lifestyle band,” which is something that had not been successfully achieved before. Sure, many independent manufacturers had tried to merge fashion and technology, but they hadn’t succeeded. However, it looks like Samsung has drummed up a lot of attention surrounding the Charm. So much so, that the Assistant Manager of Product Planning Areum Ko and Senior Designer Myungkyu Kim have decided to share the story behind the development of the device.

Many questions that we had were answered during the relatively lengthy interview, such as how the idea came to the table, what challenges surfaced during the development stage and how the design was finalized. If you’d like to find out answers to these questions, too, simply hit the source link below to read the full Q&A over on Samsung’s website. I’d definitely advise you to do so as I, personally, found it to be a very good read.

Be sure to keep your browser pointed to SamMobile for our full review of the Charm, which is set to go live next month.

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