Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro could launch outside China in the near future

The Galaxy A9 was launched as the largest Galaxy A series device late last year, and Samsung later followed it up with the Galaxy A9 Pro. The Galaxy A9 Pro is not very different from the regular A9, with the only differences being the former’s larger battery and higher amount of RAM (5,000 mAh and 4GB respectively). Both devices have been exclusive to the Chinese market so far, but it looks like at least the Galaxy A9 Pro could break that exclusivity in the near future.

Samsung has recently imported a device with model number SM-A910F to India for testing (the Chinese variant is SM-A9100), suggesting it could be working on a non-Chinese variant. There doesn’t seem to be any firmware development going on for an SM-A910F, so the launch of the A9 Pro outside the world’s most populous country could be considerably far away. That’s if Samsung actually plans such a launch, as even an international variant of the regular Galaxy A9 was initially being tested way back in December last year.

Would you be interested in the Galaxy A9 Pro if it makes its way to your country? Let us know in the comments!


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