Samsung wants developers to create exclusive indie games for it

Samsung often works with developers to create exclusive apps and services for its devices, and now it’s looking to establish a similar relationship with game developers. The company has extended its Made for Samsung program for mobile apps to independent game developers, what this means is that Samsung will provide indie developers with tech and marketing support if they promise to make games exclusive to Samsung devices. This was announced by Mihai Pohontu, vice president of emerging platforms at Samsung, at the GamesBeat Summit 2016.

“We want to work with indie devs to launch their products exclusively on Samsung platforms,” he said. Samsung is not going to lure in developers with the promise of an investment or money even though that’s what most mobile and console game publishers do. Pohontu says that the company will offer game developers many non-cash services like operations, distribution, promotion, product testing as well as an open platform, even promising to continue to promote a game after the exclusivity for Samsung runs out. This offer for indie developers is not just limited to mobile devices. Pohontu said that if developers launch their VR app with Samsung they can also launch their mobile game and Samsung will promote that as well.


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In a previous post it was stated that samsung thought of themselves as a software company now, transitioning away – yet very few are picking up and running with Samsung’s own API’s because catering to the TINY market that tizen offers, not worth it, catering to ‘Galaxy specific devices all of which are powered by android means you may as well as a developer cater for a larger audience rather than JUST Samsung. If they want people to push more zeros and ones onto their own platform then they need to fully commit to putting their own software onto as… Read more »