Samsung’s giant touchscreen-toting $5600 Family Hub refrigerator is now on sale

Samsung unveiled a Family Hub smart refrigerator with a giant touchscreen infotainment system during CES 2016. Users can not only keep a tab on their grocery stock, but also stream music using the company’s most high-end refrigerator. The company has now announced that it is now on sale in the US.

The Family Hub smart refrigerator is now on sale through home appliance stores across the US. The stainless steel model with a standard depth costs a whopping $5600 while the black stainless steel model with counter depth costs at $6000. As opposed to a run-of-the-mill $1000 refrigerator, the Family Hub smart fridge can be a menu planner, a media streaming device, a weather forecast information system, or a smart calendar. On top of that, it comes with three cameras that keep a snapshot of your grocery inside the refrigerator and send those images to a smartphone.

When users are running low on grocery, they can order it through MasterCard’s new Groceries app using the refrigerator’s 21.5-inch touchscreen system. Apart from coming integrated with Pandora, TuneIn, AllRecipes, Sticki, and Instacart, the smart refrigerator can mirror the company’s Smart TV or become a whiteboard. The company recently released a TV commercial for its Family Hub refrigerator featuring conversations between veggies and chocolate syrup.

Samsung Family Hub Smart Refrigerator

Samsung Family Hub Smart Refrigerator

Samsung Family Hub Smart Refrigerator 01

Samsung Family Hub Smart Refrigerator 02

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