Samsung clinches the top spot from Apple in the US smartphone market

Samsung seems to be doing all the right things all of a sudden. Its latest flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, have become bestsellers around the world, so much so that the company has been able to clinch the top spot from Apple in the US smartphone market.

According to the numbers from Counterpoint Research’s latest report, Samsung became the largest smartphone brand in the US market with a market share of 28.8 percent during March while Apple ranked second with a market share of 23 percent. LG managed to claim the third spot on the podium with a market share of 17 percent.

According to Research Director Jeff Fieldhack, Samsung’s strategy to shift the launch of its flagship smartphones to early March helped the company. Even carriers and retailers wanted a product that could drive traffic to their stores since smartphone sales are traditionally slow during March.

The Galaxy S7 and S7 edge sold 30 percent more than their predecessors. Attractive offers such as the Gear VR bundled with each preorder as well as buy-one-get-one deals further increased sales. Slowing iPhone 6s sales also gave a boost to the sales of Samsung’s latest high-end smartphones.

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Take note Samsung!
You did something completely RIGHT with YOUR HARDWARE!!!
Got a FREE oculus headset that arrived WITH my new S7 three days BEFORE the official launch.
That right there Samsung is what is putting you AHEAD of the competition!!
It’s a world wide WINNING strategy.
So please please PLEASE don’t change it.
I couldn’t buy a flagship that isn’t Google driven!!!
DON’T follow apple down their ‘selfish/limited’ (running their own software) road.