Samsung will be making 2nd-generation 10nm chips this year

Samsung has said that later this year it’s going to start producing 2nd-generation 10-nanometer chips. The company is said to have met with major chipmakers in Silicon Valley to push its advanced manufacturing and fabrication technologies. It announced plans to deploy new 14-nanometer and 10-nanometer processes.  Kelvin Low, senior director at Samsung Semiconductor, said: “We think we are leading again, this is not a one-time success story.”

With its new manufacturing and fabrication technologies, Samsung might be looking to regain a major share of orders for iOS devices. Its 2nd-generation 10-nanometer process could be of interest to Apple and it could go with Samsung as a supplier for future devices. Ever since Apple brought on TSMC as a supplier it has taken away a good chunk of the business that Samsung previously had. It won the contract to fabricate majority of the A8 processors that power the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and share manufacturing responsibilities with Samsung for the A9 processor. Rumors suggest that TSMC is going to be responsible for the bulk of orders for Apple’s next-generation A10 processor so Samsung will really need to pull something out of its hat to win back a big chunk of Apple’s business.

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