Galaxy Note 6 should get the same accessories as the Galaxy S7

Every new Samsung flagship is accompanied by a host of accessories. Since the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge, Samsung’s accessories have become more premium and also more useful, with the addition of new options like a keyboard accessory and a fast wireless charger. According to our insiders, Samsung’s current offerings will not change with the Galaxy Note 6, which should come with the same set of accessories as the one for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge.

Here are the confirmed accessories for the Galaxy Note 6:

  • G Grace LED Flip Wallet_Case    EF-NN930
  • G Grace Leather Cover_Case    EF-VN930
  • G Grace Screen protector_ETC    ET-FN930
  • G Grace S View Cover[Stand]_Case    EF-CN930
  • G Grace Backpack[WPC1.2_3.1Ah_IP68]_Battery    EB-TN930
  • P Grace Kit[Lens Cover]_ETC    ET-CN930DBEGAE
  • P Grace S View Cover[Clear]_Case    EF-ZN930CYEGCN

This isn’t the complete list, so we still expect accessories like the keyboard cover to be made available for the Galaxy Note 6. As for the lens cover, it remains to be seen if Samsung will actually sell that thing when the Note 6 comes to market, as the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge version still hasn’t gone on sale despite having been announced back in February at the company’s Unpacked event.


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Yeah, still sitting on my Note 10.1, would like a new one…


If the accesoires and the models numbers already determined does this mean that the note 6 will launch sooner than previous years?


Does your insider know about a possible launch of a Note tablet this year ? Eventually at the same time as the Note 6 ?