Samsung looks to sell coated NAND flash memory to Apple

Samsung is already part of Apple’s supply chain but it appears that the company wants to do more business with its rival. According to a new report Samsung wants to sell Apple coated NAND flash memory that’s protected against electromagnetic interference or EMI. Samsung is said to be working with a company called Protec to coat NAND flash memory modules so that Apple’s EMI shielding standards are met.

Electromagnetic interference is a big problem because space inside smartphones is shrinking as they’re getting thinner with each generation. This means that some components inside the phone are placed on top of each other and this can cause EMI. To mitigate this problem Apple is demanding that its suppliers use enough coating to prevent any EMI issues during the life of the device. The report says that Samsung will have the coated NAND modules available in quantity by early next year. Apple’s current flash memory supplier SK Hynix is also reportedly working on coated NAND modules so when the time comes for Apple to pick a supplier it might come down to whoever offers the best quality for the best price.


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