Samsung captures Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge camera details in new interview

The Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge have best-in-class cameras, but consumers who enjoy these devices often do so without stopping to consider the effort placed into creating them. Samsung conducted a recent interview with principal engineer Hwayoung Kang, senior engineers Beomjoon Kwon, Youngsoo Bok, and Global Product Planning Senior Manager Youngmin Nam.

The main discussion of the interview concerns Samsung’s Dual Pixel technology, how Samsung used DSLR cameras to find the problems with current smartphone cameras, and what challenges the Korean giant overcame in the process to produce the stunning 12MP camera we’ve all come to enjoy.

Other discussions pertain to Hyperlapse, Motion Panorama, and other camera features that have been included to make your smartphone camera better, relevant – more than just impressive numbers on a spec sheet.

To find out all the juicy details, hit up the source link below to see if you can capture the spirit of Samsung’s photography journey. Then, check out the Galaxy S7 edge x-ray to see what else Samsung added before stopping by Verizon and Sprint to Buy One, Get One free if you’re a US customer.

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