New promos highlight the Galaxy S7’s water resistance and low light camera

Samsung is posting short promos online to highlight some of the main features of the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 edge. The very first promo it posted painted the new flagships as veritable virtual reality machines. Then it ran a celebrity-filled ad during Oscars 2016 to tout the best features of its new handsets. The latest promos from Samsung highlight water resistance on the Galaxy S7 and its incredible low light camera.

There’s an element of humor in both promos as the narrator details just how important water is to the survival of our species and just how important it is to have a smartphone that plays nicely with something that kills most smartphones. Samsung’s logic is simple, some of the best things happen in the dark, so why not have a smartphone with a camera that can capture all of that effortlessly? It does make sense after all. Samsung is going to release the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 edge on March 11 in 60 countries across the globe. Pre-orders are already open.


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Those commercials were so bad it was painful to watch them. I know Samsung can make better commercials than those comit inducing ones above.


are you crazy!?!?! I loved the commercials, finally pushing all the features in the ads. why didn’t you like them? no white background and splashy color with music??