New fingerprint sensor by Synaptics can be placed underneath the volume rocker

Synaptics has announced its newest fingerprint scanner which is so small that it can even fit into the volume rocker. If we’re being specific, the sensor is just 3.5mm wide, paving the way for potentially innovative placements of the scanner. While it’s not guaranteed that this fingerprint scanner will be used under the volume rocker in future devices, we certainly like the idea.

This is enough reason for excitement for Samsung fans as Synaptics currently supplies the fingerprint sensors for its Galaxy flagships, well it has been a supplier since the days of the Galaxy S5, so it won’t be far-fetched to assume that next year’s Galaxy flagship (or perhaps the Note flagship this year) could feature this innovative new technology underneath.

In addition to announcing this new sensor, Synaptics has updated the SentryPoint Security Suite with anti-spoofing features. As you may recall, the fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S5 was susceptible to fake fingerprints. This new update to SentryPoint basically fixes this, by paying emphasis to “liveness” of the human touch. This is a crucial addition to Synaptics repertoire and could go a long way in making fingerprint scanning tech more secure.

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