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Independent retailers slash the price of the Galaxy View in the US

It looks like retailers in the United States are having difficulty selling Samsung’s new 18.4-inch Android tablet, the Galaxy View, as less than a couple weeks after its release in the region B&H, Best Buy and Amazon all slashed $100 off the slate’s retail price, and today the trio have discounted it further by another $50 — so you can currently pick one up for just $449.

We reviewed the Galaxy View last month and found it to a great looking device that didn’t quite hit the mark. Its 1.6GHz octa-core Exynos 750 chipset and 2GB of RAM aren’t powerful enough to compete with the likes of the iPad Pro and Surface Book. However, we were impressed by its enormous 5,700mAh battery, which can withstand up to 9-hours of heavy use.



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Good, hope it disappears from the market as quickly as it appeared. Those 2011 specs have no place in 2016.


Agreed. They made some pretty glaring mistakes this year and I think this made the top of the list.


absolutely nothing wrong wit the specs as long as you stop trying to treat it like a tablet and use it for what it was intended for – a mobile interactive display. What they did wrong was price it far too high. $399 should have been the max.