Rumor: Galaxy S7 looks like a small Note 5, camera module protrudes very slightly

Well, we have new information to add to the ever-increasing barrage of rumors around the Galaxy S7. An anonymous source of ours, who has supposedly seen the device in the flesh, has reached out to us to share a few details on how the regular Galaxy S7 will look like. Apparently, the flat Galaxy S7 looks more or less like a smaller version of the Galaxy Note 5. The phone has curves at the back similar to the Note 5 and like Samsung’s Tizen-powered Z3, with the same round home button as Samsung’s current implementation.

A round home button isn’t surprising, but given leaked case renders had hinted at Samsung changing it to something squarish, it’s something we think is worth mentioning. The source also mentions that the camera module on the Galaxy S7 will protrude out of the body much less than it does now. A major Galaxy S7 leak earlier today said that the camera would sit flush, but our source says otherwise. A protruding camera sensor suggests the S7 might not feature a battery as large as the 3,000 mAh unit rumored today, though the fact that it will protrude less than current Galaxy flagships also suggests the company might have increased the thickness of the phone ever so slightly to accommodate the larger battery.

Like we have been pointing out, don’t take anything of this information seriously until we see some concrete leaks. There is just too much the rumor mill is churning out at this moment when it comes to Samsung’s next big thing, so it would be best to not come to conclusions lest the company decides to disappoint us with the final product.

Thanks, Anonymous!


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On that picture at the top of the post, just near the volume buttons, can I see a chip in the glass panel?

At the top of the phone, they are the antenna bands, I mean the chip next to the volume buttons.


Yup, there was a leak a couple of days ago which showed the display panel of S7 similar to the Note 5. Since the build is going to be nearly identical, the only way to make some differentiation left was a slight variation in shape- slightly less rounded compared to S6. Water resistance, Micro SD, Bigger battery, Exynos 8, Camera improvements- Bigger sensor (even if at the cost of lesser MP) & bigger aperture (1.7, wow..think about the bokeh), Audio improvements – quality, better earphones, and some exclusive tie ups, expansion of samsung pay to more regions, Gear VR support..etc… Read more »


Would love to see Samsung’s next flagship to include all of those missing features. As usual, a tease of the S7 may start late this month, or early February 2016.