Samsung plans to produce an initial batch of 5 million Galaxy S7 units

A new report from Reuters citing South Korea’s Electronic Times reveals that Samsung is planning to manufacture an initial batch of 5 million units of its 2016 flagship, the Galaxy S7. This initial count is expected to cover both flagship models, the one that features a 5.2-inch flat screen and the other that boasts a 5.5-inch curved display, which will be known as the Galaxy S7 Edge. However, there were rumours that the larger screen variant of the device will feature a 5.7-inch display.

From the initial 5 million Galaxy S7 units, 3.3 million will have a flat screen and 1.6 million units will feature curved displays. There is also an interesting rumor, which hints towards Samsung’s plan to offer four different versions of its upcoming flagship. The purported release date of the Galaxy S7 according to the report is in February 2016 although there is a lot of speculation about it.

China Mobile for instance puts the release date in March, which falls in line with the company’s previous launches. The same release date of mid-March is also speculated by the Wall Street Journal, which is usually an extremely reliable source. If the Galaxy S7 is due to arrive in February, we will probably see an announcement at Unpacked 2016 on the 21st of February, but otherwise we could well see it in mid-March.



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