Samsung to reportedly start making chips for AMD next year

The South Korean chip giant Samsung already makes processors for companies like Apple and Nvidia. Now, it is being reported that it might start manufacturing CPUs for AMD next year. According to the Electronic Times, Samsung’s chip manufacturing arm and Global Foundries will jointly start producing a central processing chip for AMD in 2016.

The report, which cites unnamed sources, claims that this chip will be based on the company’s 14nm fabrication technology. Samsung already uses this 14nm FinFET technology to make its homegrown Exynos 7420 SoC, which is being used in its flagship smartphones like the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 as well as in the Meizu Pro 5.

Due to decline in profits from its smartphone business, the company is trying to increase the client base of its components business. TSMC is jointly manufacturing Apple’s A9 chipset along with Samsung, though the former’s chips are slightly larger than the ones made by Samsung due to a different in manufacturing process.



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This would be good business for Samsung if true, As not only would this mean business to fabricate the new Zen CPU’s and New GPU’s, AMD have also licenced their hardware to Sony, and Microsoft in their consoles, and soon as AMD move to 14nm’s they will also be looking to shrink the APU’s for their console, and the chances are Nintendo’s NX console will also use hardware designed by AMD so that will again be a potential revenue stream for Samsung. It would also benifit the industry as a whole as at the moment, Nvidia has the GPU market… Read more »


Qualcomm’s Adreno GPU’s and coming Samsung GPU’s are also licensing ATI GPU Technology. But Samsung is the only chip fabricator capable of actually incorporating HMP core ARM SoC processors coming off their 10nm and 14nm process technology!!! Intel is still postponing 10nm til 2017. While only Samsung is sticking to their 2016 10nm roadmap launch!!! No wonder Samsung will be spending over 20 Billion on new fabrication facilities next year alone! But Samsung working with Nvidia is minus GPU’s as they are still in locked horns mode and Nvidia’s CEO sees this AMD/Samsung agreement as direct competition. They are more… Read more »