Young filmmakers use the Galaxy S6 edge to make a professional short film

It’s not easy to make films, you need talent, crew and also special equipment that’s often very costly but three young filmmakers have shown that you can really make a short film of professional quality with a smartphone, particularly the Galaxy S6 edge. Part 1 of their short film has been released today, Jens Rijsdijk, Sjoerd de Bont and Kuba Szutkowski are the three young directors who worked on this project, each had the Galaxy S6 edge to shoot their portion of the film.

Director Sjoerd de Bont finds this to be an interesting project since he shoots the first part and his successor must now continue with his choices, the final cut will reflect how each director has picked up from where their predecessor left off. It happens to be a sanctioned promotion by Samsung for the Galaxy S6 edge, nevertheless it does show that the company’s 2015 really has got a wonderful camera, one that you can easily use to create professional quality short films. Just don’t expect to win an Oscar for it.


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