Cheaper AMOLED panels from Samsung expected to deal major blow to LCD in 2016

Samsung already accounts for a significant chunk of AMOLED panel production for small and medium sized devices, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Samsung has played a major part in making AMOLED more popular, and the step it’s rumored to take next year might deal a major blow to LCD. According to a report out of China Samsung is going to bring down the cost of AMOLED panels by as much as 20% to bring them more in line with the cost of LCD panels.

Cost has remained in issue for OEMs looking to adopt AMOLED panels instead of LCD, Samsung is rumored to be in discussions with several Chinese OEMs that primarily make low-to-mid-range handsets and it appears that to bring those manufacturers on board Samsung will bring down the prices of its AMOLED panels by around 20%. The panels are believed to cost about 30% more than LCD and if Samsung follows through with this in 2016 only a 10% difference will remain thus enabling many OEMs to consider making the jump to AMOLED. Lowering the costs may also prove to very beneficial for Samsung in the long run as Apple is rumored to be considering AMOLED panels for 2018 iPhone, reduced cost may encourage Apple to make the switch from LCD to AMOLED.


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