Artik, Samsung’s Internet of Things hardware platform, gets unboxed

Samsung unveiled its Internet of Things hardware platform called Artik at IoT World 2015 back in May, the idea being to provide developers with a platform that enables them to effectively build IoT solutions. To start the effort Samsung launched three Internet of Things modules, the Artik 1, Artik 5 and Artik 10. Here we have an unboxing video and overview of the Artik 5 module.

The company describes Artik as the industry’s most advanced, open and secure platform for developing Internet of Things products. Samsung has begun sending out these Artik beta development kits, participants of the Makers Against Drought Challenge are now receiving their kits, it goes without saying that other developers will soon get theirs as well. Developers who are interested to know more about this hardware platform and sign up to get one should visit the official Artik website.



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