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Samsung Galaxy J2 detailed screen analysis

Samsung’s budget line consists of the Galaxy J series, and the company has been equipping them with AMOLED displays. The Galaxy J2 has a 4.7-inch Super AMOLED screen with a resolution of 540 x 960 pixels, which equals a PPI of approximately 234. The Galaxy J2 sports a RGB pixel layout with unevenly placed blue subpixels which you can see below.


The phone lacks any screen setting or automatic brightness, so what you see is what you get. Let’s start by measuring the screen’s brightness. It does have an outdoor mode that boosts its brightness up for a short period of time to let you see what is on your screen in bright light conditions.

The screen can go as dim as 5 cd/m2, and in normal mode as high as around 350 cd/m2. In outdoor mode it boosts its brightness up to around 500 cd/m2. What this means is that the screen is easy on the eyes in the dark, and with the outdoor mode it’s easy to read even under direct sunlight. Now, on to the graphs.

Color Gamut:
J200G ColorGamut
Gray Scale:
J200 Grayscale

If we take a look at the screen in its default mode, we see that the primary and secondary colors miss their target in the sRGB colorspace, meaning all colors are oversaturated. It’s Samsung way of making the screen look better because of the popping and vibrant colors, but the colors aren’t displayed correctly according to these measurements. The margin of the displayed primary and secondary colors isn’t that good, with a Delta E error of 6.201 being too high and the margin of error of the Grayscale color not being too great either at 4.1. The screen’s color temperature of 7497 is to high which means it’s too cold with 6509 being the sweet spot. The RGB balance isn’t that great either; as you can see in the charts above, it boosts blue a bit too much over other colors. This happens most in the lighter color range, something that is done to make the whites appear closer to actual white. This can be seen by the Delta E color error, with the worst scores being made in the lighter color range. What does look good is the screen’s contrast ratio, which we can conclude is unmeasurable.


For its price range, the Galaxy J2 has a very acceptable screen. Samsung boosts colors to make the display look more attractive, and that’s why everything is a little oversaturated. The whites of the screen can look a little to blue, as Samsung boosts that particular color over the reds and greens. Overall, this is pretty good bang for the buck.


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