Latest Gear S2 ad is all about the dial

The Gear S2 is a great smartwatch, one that can hold its own against Apple Watch, the current market leader as far as wearable devices go. Samsung obviously needs to sell a lot of units to take the lead and it’s sparing no cost when it comes to promotion and marketing. The company has posted a new ad for the Gear S2 titled “Dial In,” as the name suggests it puts the spotlight squarely on the Gear S2’s dial.

Samsung’s latest smartwatch is a bit different from its rivals because there’s a rotating bezel on the dial, it acts as an input method, just rotate the bezel to scroll through menus and perform other tasks. The 30-second clip also shows off some applications that make use of this dial feature and even provides a glimpse of the 3G model which allows users to make and receive phone calls directly from the wrist without first having to pair the Gear S2 with a smartphone.

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