Themes Thursday: Samsung releases 20 new themes this week

Samsung releases new themes for its recently released smartphones each week, and as a part of Themes Thursday, we showcase some of the best themes that are released every week. This week, 20 new themes were released in the Theme Store, and we found some of them to be good.

Cameron Bunch, a well-known theme developer, has released yet another theme, Material Dark. As the name suggests, there’s excessive use of black color in the theme, and using it will improve the battery life a bit if your device has a Super AMOLED display. The Classic Blue UI and the Classic Purple UI themes are similar to the default Galaxy S5 theme.

Even though Christmas is quite far from now, related themes have started hitting the Theme Store already. Which themes did you like from this week? Let us and others know your choices in the comments section below.

Classic Blue UI
Samsung Theme Store - Classic Blue UI

Classic Purple UI
Samsung Theme Store - Classic Purple UI

KitKat Edge Blue
Samsung Theme Store - KitKat Edge Blue

Material Black
Samsung Theme Store - Material Black

Samsung Theme Store - MerryChristmas

The Green – Circle Mosaic
Samsung Theme Store - The Green - Circle Mosaic

The Green – Colourful Material
Samsung Theme Store - The Green - Colourful Material

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