Exclusive: Galaxy Note 5 could come to India, Europe might not get it anytime soon

We all know the Galaxy Note 5 will launch in a limited number of markets, but Samsung hasn’t individually pointed out countries the phone won’t be available in. For the Indian market, Samsung has only announced the Galaxy S6 edge+, but it’s possible the Galaxy Note 5 could also make it to the country sooner or later.

We have come across test firmware for the Indian variant with a build date of August (the build version is N920GDDU1AOH2, where H is for August), and if work on the software is currently in progress, there’s a high chance it’s a result of Samsung’s plans to launch the device in India. Furthermore, Samsung India told us that it cannot confirm nor deny anything at this point, which is another good indication that the company is planning to release the Note 5 at some point in the near future and is simply unwilling to say anything on the matter for now.

As for European consumers, we don’t think they will have the chance of buying the Note 5 officially anytime soon, as the last firmware for the European model is from June (build N920FXXE0AOFT, with F standing for the sixth month of the year.) This doesn’t imply that a launch will not happen at all, but it’s highly likely Samsung will be waiting at least until next year before expanding the availability of its fifth-generation Note flagship to Europe.

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