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Sprint sends out Stagefright vulnerability fix for a handful of Samsung devices

A recently discovered Android vulnerability called Stagefright has got carriers and manufacturers rushing to push fixes for their Android devices. The vulnerability can allow hackers to remotely gain access to a target’s device by simply sending a MMS message with malicious code, Android automatically processes such videos and thus the code runs without even needing the user to open that MMS message. Google has already sent out a fix and Sprint was among the very first carriers in the United States to roll it out for the Galaxy Note 4. Today it’s sending out the same fix for Stagefright vulnerability to a handful of Samsung devices.

Sprint has released the update carrying version number G900PVPU3BOG1 for the Galaxy S5, G920PVPU2BOGA for the Galaxy S6, G925PVPU2BOGA for the Galaxy S6 edge and N915PVPU4COG1 for the Galaxy Note Edge. The official changelog for all updates mention that it only brings a Google Security Patch that’s intended to fix the Stagefright vulnerability. Other carriers in the US are yet to roll out this important update for Android devices on their network but it shouldn’t be long before they get to work as well.

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