Samsung isn’t making a Galaxy Note 4 Iron Man edition so this guy made his own

Samsung and Marvel have a good thing going, they’re working together to promote their separate products and further expand their brands. The two recently partnered on an Iron Man edition of the Galaxy S6 edge which is a limited edition device that went for as much as $91,000 in some locations. Samsung isn’t giving the Iron Man treatment to any of its existing handsets and it’s unclear whether it’ll do that with future handsets too, which is why this guy saw it fit to create one on his own.

He went for a rather simple solution, picking out good quality skin based on 3M film to wrap the device in so that it has a similar color to the Iron Man edition from Samsung. Once that was done the device did look like as if it had a rather unique color scheme, he topped it off with an Iron Man wallpaper to complete the look. It may not fetch $91,000 buy at least it will be enough to satisfy the Iron Man fan that wishes that Samsung made more of those limited edition units.






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