Limited Edition Iron Man Galaxy S6 edge (Nr: 883) unboxing

There were a lot of rumors that Samsung would release a bunch of super heroes themed Galaxy S6 edge’s. We saw some awesome sketches made by the community, and then Samsung came out with the official Iron Man edition of the Galaxy S6 edge. As a Marvel fan, the day I started writing all this was an exciting one, as our good friends over at helped us get our hands on a Limited Edition Iron Man Galaxy S6 edge (yep, that’s quite a long name.)

We captured the unboxing on video the day we received the device; the video is right below, with a detailed look at the box contents following right after.

The phone comes in a black box with blue colored bands holding the lid down from the top and bottom edges.20150623_131237 (Medium)

Opening this black box presented me with what seemed like yet another box, but red in color, though this was actually a red slide over.

20150623_131308 (Medium)

After removing the red slide over, you get a very well made black box with a metal Iron Man etched on the top.

20150623_131331 (Medium)

Inside, you get the phone, along with the Arc Reactor charging pad laid right next to it.

20150623_131400 (Medium)

Below the phone and charger, other accessories – like the charger, headphones and booklets – are laid out in smaller black boxes, with a sign on top to tell you the contents of each box.

20150623_131435 (Medium) 20150623_131556 (Medium) 20150623_131618 (Medium) 20150623_131702 (Medium)

That’s not all. Beneath the booklets, you will find the clear case cover with golden accents and a card that basically tells us that Avengers: Age of Ultron is in theaters.

20150623_131447 (Medium) 20150623_131522 (Medium)

Here are all the contents of the box in a single picture:

20150623_131832 (Medium)

The rest is simply the same as the standard Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge, so you can simply check out our review here for all the details.

The Iron Man edition is a collector’s item and could turn into great value over time, so I’m not using it as my daily driver. I’m not sure if it can be repaired or if any spare parts will be available if I drop it, so it seemed better to take the “better safe than sorry” path and not use this phone as my main device.

Now, its price. Well, the phone will cost you an arm and a leg. Our advice is to buy it from They have a fixed price of $2,888 at the time I wrote this, instead of the crazy amounts you will see over on eBay, where it can go as far as $4000 and beyond.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Limited Edition  28mobile s6 edge iron man edition2   eBay s6 edge iron man edition   eBay

If you want the Galaxy S6 edge Iron Man Edition, head on over to and buy this thing (the phone will be delivered in 5 to 10 days.)

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