Samsung SM-G150N shows up, could be the Galaxy Young 3

A new Samsung handset, carrying model number SM-G150N, seems to be nearing an official release. The SM-G150N has recently been certified by the Bluetooth SIG, listed in the IMEI database, and been sent to India for testing. No name is attached to the device at the moment, but it could be the Galaxy Young 3 as the Galaxy Young 2 – launched last year – had the model number SM-G130.

On the import tacker website Zauba, the SM-G150N is listed with varying pricing (starting from $99), suggesting that development on the device is at a stage where different models are being tested. A 3.8-inch screen should be part of the spec sheet according to the import database (the final screen size could change to a more standard 4-inch or 3.5-inch), though other hardware details are pretty much non-existent at this point. The device might not be called the Galaxy Young 3 when it is released, but we can be sure that it will feature some extremely low-end specs.




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