Video shows how easy it is to pay with Samsung Pay

Samsung confirmed its new payments service when it unveiled the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge back in March, at that time it said that Samsung Pay would arrive over the summer. Much has already been said and written about the technology that powers Samsung Pay but the average user will not be concerned with it, the average user would want to know just how easy it is to pay with this service, and this video published online today shows just that.

Samsung Pay will work with most merchants at launch because they won’t have to invest in new hardware just to accept this payment method, merchants can use their existing machines to accept payments using Samsung Pay as the service leans on MST or Magnetic Secure Transmission and NFC or Near Field Communication. That’s precisely what’s shown in the video, the merchant turns the terminal towards the customer when it’s time to pay who simply authorizes the payment through the fingerprint sensor and then holds the device against the machine to pay. It takes just a couple of seconds for the payment to be processed and the slip to be generated, it’s that easy. Samsung Pay will be launched this September in the United States and South Korea, after which it will be expanded to China and Europe.

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