Samsung reportedly developing a new method to produce Galaxy S6 edge’s curved display

There’s a reason why the Galaxy S6 edge is the most expensive device that Samsung has ever produced, the dual edge display is the most expensive component as it needs to be put through an arduous process. However it’s certainly paying off for Samsung as recent reports suggest that demand for the Galaxy S6 edge has skyrocketed, which may ultimately help the company reach the forecast goal of 55 million unit shipments of the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge combined this year.

A new report out of Korea claims that Samsung is developing a new method for the production of the Galaxy S6 edge’s display. Currently the panel is heated on both sides before it’s bent on the left and right edges. Polishing it afterwards is a major expense since heating it to such a high temperature causes micro wrinkles, which is why Samsung has been struggling with low yield. With the new method only one side of the glass panel will be heated so that micro wrinkles are reduced and production costs are decreased, moreover this could also improve yields for the company by up to 60-70 percent. Samsung is believed to be testing this new method at its manufacturing facilities in Vietnam and may soon use it on the production line.




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Believe me, it will not be long that other smartphone manufacturers will copy this technological design and apply to their phones. You set the trend again Samsung! Kudos!


This will pose problems to clone makers who may want to copy the s6 edge…I love the edge due to this.. Clones of de standard versions are now making waves in the mobile market… KUDOS SAMSUNG