Samsung reportedly considering a dual-camera device for 2016

A report out of Korea suggests that Samsung might be working on a device for 2016 which is going to have a dual-camera on the back. It’s not entirely a new idea because we have seen HTC do this with the One M8, the handset featured a dual-camera setup on the back and the secondary camera was used to capture depth information to enhance effects like bokeh, as well as allowing users to refocus the image after it has been captured. According to the report dual-camera is actually “the new buzzword” at Samsung.

It’s not immediately clear how far along the testing process is and if the results will be satisfactory enough for Samsung to bring a dual-camera device to market next year. The report isn’t clear on what purpose the dual-camera setup will service, perhaps it might be used to adjust backlight brightness, allow smoother zooming and tracking of fast-moving objects aside from bokeh effects and refocusing of captured images. The report cites a spokesman for Samsung Electronics saying that the company has four concepts of dual-camera setups currently in testing and it expects to adopt this technology “in the first half of next year.”


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