Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 gets the Lollipop update

The Galaxy Tab S 8.4 is finally making the jump to the latest version of Android, a month after its larger counterpart received the update. Lollipop is now rolling out to the Wi-Fi variant of the tablet, and like most of the updates released by Samsung, this one is based on Android 5.0.2. That’s rather disappointing considering the test build we previewed back in February ago had the same OS version, so we’re certainly hoping Samsung will move to update its devices to Android 5.1 and newer iterations of Lollipop sooner rather than later.

Coming back to the Galaxy Tab S 8.4, it’s the same routine as before. The update will be available over the air, through Samsung Kies, and also through our firmware section for those who aren’t keen on waiting. Do check out Lollipop in action on the tablet in the video below, and remember to be patient as these updates always go out in a phased manner and can take time to show up on your particular device.

Firmware Details:

Model SM-T700
Model name GALAXY Tab S 8.4 Wi-Fi
Country Korea
Version Android 5.0.2
Changelist 4728671
Build date Sun, 19 Apr 2015 23:39:05 +0000
Product code KOO

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1 year 6 months ago

Este tuto lo hago para hacer downgrade de Android 5.0.2 a lolipod a 4.4 kitkat para corregir el problema de reinicio y fallas en la pantalla cuando la batería está a menos del 40% de carga:
1. Hacer backup de todas las app de nuestro equipo con titanium backup (para los perdidos esta app la encontramos en la playstore pero deberemos ser root para usarla, para más referencia busquen en san Google: como hacer backup por lotes con titanium backup) de todas las app PERO OJO SOLO LAS APP QUE HEMOS INSTALADO NOSOTROS NUNCA RESPALDEMOS LAS APP DEL SISTEMA O LAS QUE VENIAN DE SERIE CON LA TABLET.
Esto puede generar errores y se nos quedara en el logo de Samsung al reiniciar.

2. En la siguiente página vamos a registrarnos para poder conseguir el stock firmware de nuestro equipo, allí aparecen por país:

Es necesario registrarse en la página para poder descargar el SO

3. Después de descargar el SO 4.4 4 kitkat correspondiente a nuestro país seguimos el tuto que aparece en la parte baja de la página donde se descargó el archivo.

3.1. Extraemos el unzip donde está el firmware. Si al extraer el archivo nos aparece así:
Tendremos que borrarle la última parte .md5 no se preocupen si dice que el archivo puede dañarse o quedar inservible, no pasa nada si no hacemos esto ODIN no podrá leerlo.
3.2. Buscamos en san Google ODIN v3.10.7 también puede servir una versión anterior no importa y lo descargamos OJO CON LOS VIRUS QUE PUEDEN VENIR CON ESTOS PROGRAMAS. ABRIMOS EL PROGRAMA ODIN
3.3. Apagamos la Tablet y la ponemos en modo download para ello presionamos al tiempo HOME + POWER + BOLUMEN ABAJO por unos 20 segundos.
3.4. Conectamos la Tablet y esperamos que aparezca una señal azul en un recuadro de ODIN .
3.5. Agregamos el firmware que descomprimimos en la casilla AP/PDA también funciona la casilla BL chuleamos el recuadro correspondiente ASEGURESE QUE LA CASILLA RE-PARTITION NO ESTE CHULEADA
3.6. Le damos start y esperamos a que la casilla se ponga en verde y se reinicie la Tablet. Esperamos 1 minuto para que encienda si no enciende y se nos queda en el logo de Samsung no se alarme pasamos al siguiente punto.

4. si se queda en logotipo samsung ,hay que quitar la bateria y encender en modo recovery .(como no podemos quitar la batería debemos presionar HOME + POWER + BOLUMEN ABAJO por unos 20 segundos apenas se apague presionamos y mantenemos apretado simultáneamente los botones de VOLUMEN ARRIBA + BOTON CENTRAL + BOTON DE APAGADO/ENCENDIDO. luego bajamas hasta WIPEDATA/FACTORY RESET y damos OK y luego bajamos hasta OK –DELETE ALL USER DATA y OK
y por ultimo reboot system now OK
esperamos que se reinicia y despues de unos 30 segundos todo OK. –


1 year 11 months ago

Can’t wait to have it in Singapore!

1 year 11 months ago

People should check Kies more than the OTA. after waiting ages for the OTA, I just decided to connect to Kies to jus back up software before manually flashing. Turns out Android 5 is available through Kies already! Lol. So getting it downloaded and installed right now! OTA really is the slowest way! Lol

2 years 7 hours ago

Sami when when T705 get lollipop? ????????????????????..pleaseeeeeeeeeeee……………….i had bug with my tab 2 8.4 lte battery…:,(

2 years 18 hours ago

Panama? Seriously? I have nothing against Panama. I lived there from 1977-1980 (Back when it still had a Panama Canal Zone) but how many Tab S’ have they sold there to get the lollipop update before the US? Come on! When Verizon beats them to an update for an older phone…really?

2 years 2 days ago

Hey have you updated this firmware? cause I did and the lockscreen is missing “none” cause I dont really use the swipe its kinda hassle for me and does it seem laggy specially in the app drawer? and the smartpause in the quick notification “2 fingers swipe down from the top” is semi highlighted but I turned it off shouldnt it be off? aside from that its good stable and FINALLY sidesnyc 3.0 with my galaxy s4 :D

2 years 3 days ago

Need Update for my Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 SM-T320 Plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 years 3 days ago

I notice the build version and stuff is different from the countries in Europe, they have the same ones. I know it will work on a European tab S but will there be any repercussions because the build’s different? anyone from Europe flash there’s, and is it working okay?

2 years 5 days ago

How about P600?

2 years 5 days ago

I resell my Tab 8.5 S LTE version. Problems with that tab…

2 years 6 days ago


2 years 6 days ago

got a problem i don’t think there’s a odin for mac if there is, can someone point me to the right direction thanks

2 years 6 days ago

You can flash this rom on your tab.

2 years 6 days ago

can this be installed in any country or only for the korean variant? I’m in the US and I have the t700 just don’t know if i can install it manually with the korean firmware.

2 years 6 days ago

You can use it on your tab

2 years 5 days ago

Will the tablet still be the same and 100% usable in the US? or will there be a catch flashing a korean FW?

2 years 6 days ago

Please let lollipop go to the most popular variant t705 LTE.
samsung you better in everything but got zero in updating even new devices. Damn!!

2 years 6 days ago

Sami when when T705 get lollipop? ????????????????????

2 years 6 days ago

Please Release a Lollipop Update for the Galaxy S4 GT-I9515 VE from DBT-Germany please please please……

2 years 7 days ago

Probably for t705 is on the way now..cant wait much longer duh

2 years 7 days ago

Hopefully Canada soon

2 years 7 days ago

In the exclusive video you made a few months ago.

Has anything changed with the update so is it still same as that video

2 years 7 days ago

Finally, better later than never. :-( I hope T705 will get this f****ng update soon.